Multiple Ways to use Tensor Energy Rings to Improve Wellbeing, Balance and Quality of Living

You can’t have enough rings! In our home we use Tensor Rings almost anywhere. They work by setting an intent for healings, clearing, energizing, balancing effect.

With so many uses, Tensor Rings can produce a pleasant environmental effect in immediate surrounding.

Here are few way we use them.

Locations To Place Tensor Rings

You can place a Tensor Ring in almost any location and see improvements the secret is trial and error, sometimes a smaller ring may be enough to neutralise negative energy or to improve meditations or manifestations then again you may need a larger ring or a ring made from a different cubit as each resonates at a different frequency. So the best thing to do is try and try again as I have many different cubits as each will give different properties available such as Lost,Sacred, New, Kings (Royal), Empowerment, Solomans, Black, Energy, Galactic, & Remet Cubits.

  • Wear on head during meditation
  • Wear on Wrists
  • Under cushion or meditation mat whilst meditating or manifesting
  • On fingers and wrists to protect against radiation
  • Around neck for meditation, chakra alignemt and radiation protection
  • Harmoniser Outside or inside connected to frequency generator to neutralise chemtrails and weather modification
  • Underneath and on top of fridge freezer, cooler, microwave, oven, as they all give of radiation and carbon minoxide
  • Place under glass of drink
  • On top and underneath drinking water tap or place over forcet
  • Water Tank underneath and on top
  • Under food storage cupboard
  • Place one ring around each electricity socket
  • Can be placed within orgonite devices, chembusters, cloudbusters to amplify energy or sit devices within the ring
  • Used with radionics machines
  • Television, Laptop or Monitor
  • Microphone, Video Camera or other Recording Devices
  • WiFi Router – Underneath and On top
  • Satellite Box
  • Xbox, Playstation or other games consoles
  • Attach to wireless headsets, controllers etc
  • Mobile, cell phones – anything wireless
  • Electric Power packs
  • Under bed, pillows, mattress, sofa seats
  • Place under plate of fruit, food on each shelf in fridge/cooler
  • Putting around each light switch will reduce the effects of electric feedback from dirty electricity
  • One ring per lamp or light but not directly on the bulb as it may melt the ring or cause short circuit, lamps and lights are a high source of radiation
  • Place over smart meter, electricity box, gas intake pipe – Please do not open anything or tamper with pipes or boxes as it may be illegal in your country
  • Tensor Generator are best if hung in each corner of your room to give an amazing energy and clear area for healing, reiki, manifestation, sleep etc
  • PC & Printer
  • Carry in pocket, wallet or bag
  • Wear as a pendant or key ring
  • Place on each chakra when laying down meditating
  • Underneath and on top of boiler
  • Attach to drinking or bath Water intake pipe
  • Place at each corner of bath
  • Attach rings to shower head
  • On dog or cats collar if they suffer badly from radiation
  • Place underneath plants pot or ideally bury in soil

Tensor Rings should be in the First Aid kit in every home! 🏡

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