Why we NEED to Evolve Spiritually for THRIVING?


We NEED to evolve spiritually to THRIVE!

It’s the only way we can get OUT from the dense energy matrix.

As Divine beings, not only we can allow ourselves to LOVE beyond words and heal, forgive, manifest miracles and do lots of other great stuff, but we also have the capacity to SEE ourselves in others, tune into their FEELINGS with ease and be able to really LISTEN on what you’re getting.

There are ancient civilizations that basically have created a system based on bloodline so they are appointing themselves to the throne as Royalty. They are Service-to-Self beings and have no feelings for someone considered to be “less fortunate”. There would be so much to say here…

Since all they care is to conquer other less advanced races as this is an ancient war that goes on for so long. While they create a fear-based system, they consider LOVE to be weak.

It’s no wonder humanity is stuck in “reptilian brain” thinking for thousands of years. It’s the oldest part of the bottom of the brain and this is responsible for the survival herd mentality.

Since the Earth system is a Sea of Sharks system where basically you’re a fish or shark… this creates the illusion of separation forcing the belief that you are not good enough, that others are more “lucky”, that others judge you or stop your climbing in some way… and you can really transcend this competitive mind.

Let me show you how it works:

First is all about survival. Thinking that you need to survive, having fears and insecurities that you won’t be able to survive after this experience ( a break-up, quitting your wage-slave job or chosing to move to other cities).

Second is about victimization frequencies, blaming others for your results, focusing on your limitations, poverty consciousness and under/hyper sexual attitudes.

Third is about focusing on false personalities, no self-trust, be feeling shame for your self-expression, no self-confidence and under/over-appreciating yourself.

As you see, there’s alot to process but this brings your awareness to a new level.

What is beyond? Many have asked.

These are “unseen” blockages on the first 3 levels, 3 chakras and 3 DNA strands. Not only you can clear these but you can activate your energy centers to absorb higher frequency into your field and HARMONIZE your subtle bodies, levels of mind and basically YOUR LIFE!

Since ALL of this is promoting SCARCITY, ANXIETY and LOW FREQUENCY B.S. (BELIEF SYSTEMS) you can’t really THRIVE in a prison of mind.

Only through SPIRITUAL evolution you can really move forward and be able to see yourself in others such as tyrants of this system and recognize yourself for who you actually are. And this is something perceived oppressors can’t do.

Your DNA Activation level controls your frequency as your personal frequency attracts experiences (people, events and things) on the same level as you are.

You are to be AWAKEN to this expansive infinite awareness that you are One with GOD. If you read this it can be a massive following light to guide your journey but you are free to experience it fully in all of your cells and recognize this Truth inside.

While this happens, your personal limitations cease to exist and you UPGRADE your mission your SOUL’s purpose here.

At least, your Higher Self can do this and you are your Highers SELF nervertheless. 🙂

Looking to tune into your higher Consciousness and activate yourself? Let’s have a chat.

PS: I am launching soon a Soul Training tailored for people just like like you and if you’re resonating with this, I can help you relieve a better expression of yourself and accelerate your spiritual growth today.

Catalin Tomescu
Ascended Society Consulting

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