Curatarea Completa a Aurei


The Complete Auric Clearing is a done-for-you energy clearing session. Even if you desire to quickly calibrate yourself, release unconscious traumatic experiences or clear the source of negative emotional charge, this session is for you.


The Complete Auric Clearing session is the first step in the process of Self-Actualization and Spiritual Growth. Tailored for multidimensional attunement, this session is typical 1-1.30 h depending on each person. During this time, you will experience clearing of old residual energies such as negative thoughtforms, occupants, discarnates, portals, wormholes and unintended creations at the quantum level of yourself, in alignment with your Higher Self. The Auric Attachments cleared in this session are the most frequent blockages in a person’s life experience. This session is for you if you feel to enhance internal peace, get unstuck from financial, personal and social situations or in need for more clarity that no longer serves your highest growth.


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