Personal Harmonizer Silver Plating Sacred Cubit Light-Life® Silver plating Copper with 9 layers


Sacred Cubit Personal Harmonizer, Copper, Silver and 24K Gold plated alternately (9 layers altogether), Outside Silver

Includes 1/2 Sacred Cubit Ring with 1 Ball


Having a big bump on your chest makes it hard to give somebody a hug…

But the Sacred Cubit Personal Harmonizer has a 5 to 7 feet so if you’re wearing that midway on the body, and through the body it’s five feet or seven feet up, outward, and downward as well.

The Personal Harmonizer is a unique combination of the Rings and a Acu-Vac Coil in motion. Its energy field fine structure seems to exclude or significantly reduce the influences of electromagnetic and psychic energy forms. It is observed to reduce the effects of EMF mind-control methods and the cellular damage from the high frequency microwaves of ever more prevalent cell phone antenna radiations.

See also the description for Sacred Cubit 24K plating

Silver appears to be highly effective for mitigating EMF frequencies and against psychic intrusions.

Our own personal bio-field is being strengthened and enhanced by the Personal Harmonizer’s light force energies. As the Harmonizer’s energy travel through the body from head to toe – down and up. A polarity flow of body rhythms.

It can take the edge off the anger, yet allows things to be more reasonably solved.

It can add to the level of contentment and peace in anyone’s life that keeps an open mind and an open heart for such a transformation.


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