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dna activation is a gateway 2 soul embodiment and organic growth

DNA Activation is an experience that facilitates a upgrade of the energy field while releasing subconscious patterns through the nervous system.

During the activation time you deepen your awareness into theta-delta mental brainwave state at the visionary, inspiration & healing receptive state.

This is a trigger for switching neuronally to LOVE and UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS.

Rewiring your DNA and clearing it through the universal language of light, sound, color, intent, shape, sacred mathematics and quantum physics.

This is the language of the Universe communicating itself. This is fully speaking to your subconscious.

Most people believe this is therapy. It can be. It actually implies results that most people would get in a lifetime or more!

The ego driven mind is a based on 3-strand DNA Activation. The secret to manifestation, healing and performance is to go beyond this level of activation and start clear and activate your HEART chakra, your 4th DNA strand.

So with DNA Activation your attention moves out of the 3D to the 4D 5D consciousness and allow you to “spike up” your awareness when the frequency of your experience allows you to.

The key here is to clear the mental and emotional debris, attachments and old paradigms that have caused miasms and suffering. Clearing these is like solidifying the foundation of the house.

DNA Activation is an experience to release the SELF from the “noisy” attachments and start enjoying peak performance states and living in the ZONE without meditating for ages.

DNA ACTIVATION with Catalin Tomescu is providing a high-end experience to expanding your consciousness, soul integration and a safe space for healing through the technology of breath, intent, alchemical 15D coding and the universal language. This is why DNA ACTIVATION is an ADVANCED BIOREGENESYS SYSTEM.


During an immersion, you can get visions of conscious memory of past events, starting to see them differently, changing your experience that triggered you and attached to you.

It has been previously shown that such experience can transmute for you energy blocks, pain, grief, negative emotions and unconscious programming. PERMANENTLY.

This is why there most people need a few weeks of integration after one immersion with activations.

Transition to 5 Density level of consciousness as Sovereign HUMAN

Our DNA template is built upon 12-24-48 strand template and each of them is originally coded for immortality. 

Most of the DNA strands are not activated by the proper frequencies so they stay dormant until it is the right time.

Just like a house where you have rooms with the electrical wiring is faulty and the lights remain shut.

DNA Activation is the Technology of the Future.

It is possible to improve your energetic signature and create long-lasting change. 

Each session serves as a catalyst for transformation for your energetic architecture. As soon as Catalin is connected with you, he will work systematically for your mental, emotional, physical and energetic healing. 

Identities created by traumatic moments leave soul fragmentation energy signatures that can be integrated very fast and often times it feels like a sensation of stopping the time.

During the session you will access an amplified state of consciousnessin which you will be able to feel tingling in the body, access visionary moments and you could have intense feelings while creating the sacred space for accelerated healing, reducing stress and suffering to the point of fading and generating an amplified state of consciousness. 

After this experience it is expected that your personal energy will increase, the energy centers will be cleansed and the state of presence and balance will increase, generating a deep inner peace.

By connecting with catalin in the healing session you can get insights from your higher consciousness, visions, gain understanding and integrate aspects of your past that was hunting you.

With DNA Activation protocols you can quickly tune into higher spiritual frequencies and follow the signal of your consciousness. The physical body will release any tensions, become cold (as the heat associated with inflammation) dissipates. These sessions ASSISTS body’s ability to assimilate light which is the vital light force that interconnects all.



More. This is all you need.

Because water at 99 is very hot.

But at 100 degrees Celsius boils and produces steam.

That is all it takes to take power up a TRAIN!

What can you expect from a live DNA activation experience?

The DNA activation is the process of embodying and absorbing more light into our field which stands for energy bodies,  subtle bodies which are the photons emited around the physical body.

The DNA Activation protocols are safe gateways your full potential awakened self. Our genetic potential can be upgraded at neuronal level to unlock the internal software.

This is a fit for you if you have a desire to accelerate healing mechanisms of the body, recreate yourself from a space of a higher balance and creativity or looking to attract your loved one.

DNA Activation works from the ground upward! This assists you to release attachments and negative emotions from your subconscious mind. This works similar to a psychic surgery where you will remove unwanted thoughts and patterns that does not suit your being.

We ultimately do this to cultivate a state of love-centered awareness which puts you into divine architect role of your life.

We’ve been called to extend expand our consciousness and go beyond any limitations of any past indoctrination, self-limiting beliefs systems, unconscious habits and self-sabotaging to move into the DESIRED PROBABLE TIMELINE that serve our higher purpose in-service with humanity.

When we are looking at the DNA template we only see a portion of it manifested into our energetic blueprint, which is our vehicle for ascension and spiritual evolution or while on this physical plane.

You probably have seen the Limitless movie with Bradley Cooper!?

If the DNA would have been activated already, why do you still need to integrate traumas, old beliefs and memories from the past?

Why do you still react when people are pushing your buttons?

How do you explain when old habbits die hard?

Why there is so much struggle in the world to stop addictions, lose weight and quit smoking, for example?

There is something in the energy field of a person that keep wanting more, while the HOST is distracted with thoughts! This can be left unchanged for years at the cost of soul fragmentation…

97% junk DNA awaits for the perfect frequencies to start the activation!

How is a session with Catalin Tomescu?

During the “activations” I will ask you questions that are helping me to get glimpses of your self. I will guide to close your eyes and relax while I guide you into a receptive state. Once I begin to tune into your higher self you can feel entering into extended state of consciousness alpha-theta brainwaves state.  

Once I start the activation with you, you can find yourself slowly drifting away into a parallel time where you are in both worlds at the same time. 

You can get glimpses and visions of your intuition, receive understanding and an indescribable sensation of peace. You get a sense of spaciousness that is soothing for your soul where you resonate with it deeply.

During the session you might feel very thirsty, very sleepy, might start to detach from lifelong and highly prioritary issues that’s been haunting you. You finally start to feel yourself again. And you REMEMBER that you should be feeling this. ALL. THE. TIME

succes stories

Thank you so much Catalin for this couple DNA activation and clearing session. You may have just saved our relationship! after the session I could clear see the transformations in myself and in my boyfriend. It was like he was another man. upgraded version of himself. I also finally got the courage and strength to finally express clearly what I was not happy about our relationship and my boyfriend could finally hear it and admite he was feeling the same. So we started acting on what we wanted improved in our relationship and ourselves and it has been a big shift ever since. I even got a consistently romantic boyfriend now like I always wished for! You made some magic! ever since that specific clearing of the gallbladder meridian the judgemental thoughts have just disappeared. It was very powerful when you did the clearing but still today that judgmental voice inside my head is gone! and that's great because I have a lot more peace of mind and have space to be more compassionate in most situations. thank you again Catalin. The work you do is priceless and thank you for helping us save our relationship
Olivia Silva


For inquiries please contact cata@activareADN.ro

Aditionally, we can set up a skype call for a free consultation.

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